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5 Bridal Makeup Rules Made To Be Broken

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Living in the age of information means that there may be an overabundance of untruths out there. While you are planning your wedding, you may have heard tons of tips on how to book a makeup artist, how to wear your #makeup, what not to do, etc. I came to shed a bit of light on some untruths that you may have heard.


1. Eyes only, is a thing. Having makeup applied to your eye only, should not be a thing unless you are a flower girl under age 12. On your wedding day, be open to wearing foundation as well as eye shadow to complete the look. Once eyeshadow is placed, the skin’s imperfections are more visible. Wearing foundation will complete your look to ensure that you are stunning in person and in photos.

2. Natural Makeup is quantitative. My mission is to make my brides look and feel like the most beautiful version of themselves on the most important day of their lives. That means that I seek to assist with enhancing natural beauty by bringing out one's best features, inside and out. What it does not mean is that I will use less products than necessary to make my bride look like she is not wearing makeup. Natural makeup describes the finish of the application. Makeup should complement your natural skin tone and not take away from your overall look with distracting color choices.

3. Airbrush makeup is superlative. I love a good airbrush makeup application but if I had a dollar for every time a bride-to-be expressed their interest in airbrush services because, “it is the best and it lasts the longest”, help me. An Airbrush is a tool used to apply makeup. Just as we use makeup brushes and sponges, the airbrush will not cause the makeup to last any longer than any other tool used. The professional quality of the makeup as well as the proper skin preparation is the reason makeup lasts through tears, sweat and kisses in a wedding.

4. Red Lips are off limits. Simply stated: It’s your #wedding and you can wear whatever lip color that you want. A professional makeup artist will be able to assist you in selecting a shade of red that is well-suited for the occasion.

5. Touch up kits are a must-have. This idea is another nuance that seems to coincide with brides and wedding makeup just as airbrushing. Some brides are told that they MUST have a small pouch filled with tissue, lipstick, powder and a powder puff to fix their makeup throughout the day. On my wedding day, I could not keep up with my cell phone and I certainly did not have time to stop and dip into my sample of lipstick to refresh. By booking a professional artist and executing a bridal preview a month or so before your wedding, you are able to see and wear the look ahead of time to determine its durability and what your needs will be on your big day.

Overall, there are many misunderstand rules to booking a makeup artist for your wedding. Schedule a free beauty discovery call with me and let's continue the conversation!



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