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The Beginning: 


Since the beginning, we have always believed that natural makeup should be the norm.  12 years ago, securing a bridal makeup artist meant tirelessly pouring over wedding planning websites to find a makeup artist whom you hoped would make you look beautiful and also feel good in the process.  Like many of you, we believe that who you are and the love encircling you on your wedding day is of the utmost importance.  We wanted to see a change in the beauty industry for brides and brides-to-be seeking trustworthiness, relatability and joy in makeup styling. That desire became the beginning motivation behind our business. 


The Birth:


In 2012, Dee Gilmore Beauty was born. Our Founder, Dee Gilmore, believes that two is better than one and that the love and companionship of a partner is immeasurable. On the heels of her own wedding, her personal journey of being a bride seeking a makeup artist that would enhance her natural beauty and connect with her on a deeper level, presented the need for bridal makeup services that would create an unforgettable experience. Dee’s journey led us to create our first bridal makeup package. Now in its 12th year of business, while at times taking breaks for life events such as house hunting, having a baby and drinking her water, Dee Gilmore is dedicated to providing natural makeup styling for brides and brides to be- just like you.  Our mission is simple: to bring to light the most beautiful version of you on the most important day of your life. 


The Present:


We know that we are not the first to adorn beautiful brides with makeup for their wedding, and we certainly will not be the last.  We also are not the first to offer makeup classes but one thing we do know is that we are different.  Our first-hand bridal experience coupled with continuing education and our understanding that you only have one chance to look and feel your best on your wedding day sets us apart from the rest.  Our desire to ensure you receive tailored makeup lessons that addresses your skincare needs and not just cookie cutter advice makes our makeup lessons second to none.  We work hard to ensure that when you walk down the aisle and look into the eyes of your soulmate, or when you look at yourself in the mirror after applying your own makeup, it is a reflection worth remembering forever.


We are not just selling makeup services.  At Dee Gilmore Beauty, we are committed to reaching back and helping young adults from underserved communities of Chicago, teaching self-love and how to become productive, confident and strong women; as such, a portion of Dee Gilmore Beauty's proceeds are provided to David's Circle Not For Profit Organization.


Together, we hope to change the way you view and select your bridal beauty services.  The end goal is for you is to look as beautiful as the moment makes you feel!


Welcome to your journey.

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