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What To Expect During Your Bridal Preview

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Your Bridal Preview is a Dress Rehearsal

How many times have you gone to the tailor to try on your wedding dress to ensure the perfect fit? Are you having a wedding rehearsal before the ceremony to ensure your bridal party members know where to stand? A bridal preview is similar in concept. It is a gathering of the beauty team, usually the hair and makeup artist, and the bride. During the preview, the bride will have a chance to bring the vision of her wedding hair and makeup to life, before the big day.

Receive Sound Advice from Professionals

Let's face it, more than likely the Pinterest photo you screen grabbed as an inspiration has been edited and filtered to the Gods! Your makeup artist will help you break down the elements of the makeup in the photo that speak to you and apply it to your final look. Be sure to choose a photo of a model with features similar to yours (skin tone, eye and hair color).

What To Bring?

Bridal previews are typically booked 30 -60 days before your wedding day. On the day of the appointment, ensure that your hair and face are freshly washed prior to your arrival and bring any accessories you plan to wear for your wedding. This way, you will get the full picture of your wedding day look. Don't forget your white shirt! Bonus tip: If your dress has a sweetheart neckline, try to find a blouse with a similar neckline to wear for the preview.

Be Open and Honest

Once the hair and makeup is done, take a look at yourself to see if your vision was brought to life. If you think you want to see what you would look like with a more dramatic eyelash, say so. If you feel self-conscious about your lips but you love your eyes, let the makeup artist know.


Getting a sneak peek at what you will look like from head to toe on your wedding day should help you sleep better at night. You will be confident that your hair will hold on the dance floor and your makeup will stay despite sweat and tears. At Dee Gilmore Beauty, we aim to bring to light the most beautiful version of you on the most important day of your life. During the preview we listen to you, and carefully curate a look that is simple, tailored and most importantly, natural! Getting married? Let's chat.

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