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Look as Beautiful as the Moment
Makes You Feel


White Satin

I have experienced the nervousness, and excitement women feel on their wedding day. I searched for a makeup artist who would make me look like a better version of myself AND put me at ease throughout the process. For my special day, I chose to do my own natural makeup (husband approved!) to ensure I looked as beautiful as the moment made me feel. Our connection that day meant everything, and that’s exactly what I aim to offer you on your special day.


White Satin

Your wedding day isn’t a dress rehearsal; it’s the moment you’ve been waiting for your whole life. I understand you only have one opportunity to get it right and look your best. At Dee Gilmore Beauty, I ensure when you walk down the aisle and look into the eyes of your soulmate, you make it a reflection worth remembering forever.

One Special Moment

White Satin

I believe who you are and the love you are surrounded by on your wedding day is what should really stand out. For me, makeup is an accessory used to make you feel beautiful through every embrace and every moment of that day. My approach to artistry is simple, tailored, and most importantly - natural. 

Simple, Tailored Beauty



Dee is a wife and mom of two who loves to bring the inner beauty of her clients to the surface.  

Dee can help you feel more confident on your wedding day and in your everyday life... from on-location bridal makeup, special events to virtual beauty lessons, let Dee help you tailor a look you will love.

For more about Dee, click here.

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